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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bluto, parts 3460 - 3463

 3460. Then he began one of his lectures, but he did not get very far. All he said was, “It is because you are…”  Then there was a long silence and he began again with, “They are always going to…” Then, in confusion or embarrassment he gave his explanation up completely, and instead of the lecture we set to work removing the copper pipe in the basement.

 3461. Working with him that morning was a very strange experience for me because he obviously had something specific to say about me and my predicament, but what ever it was, there was something about this explanation he was obviously very loath to tell me. It had to be some sort of thing that would involve the prospect of hurting my feelings is what I presumed.

 3462. There was every likelihood that his explanation would turn out to be some outlandish concept like his ideas about the Coca-Cola Company; some convoluted qusi-political theories that would present a half-baked analysis of the behavior of my teachers and myself. But even so, as useless as his ideas were likely to be, I was intensely curious to find out what it was. I was so curious in fact that I said not a word more about it.

3463. Even if Bluto’s ideas about the government, politics and the crimes of the soda companies were just a lot of silly bluster, on the other hand Bluto knew a great deal about the procedure of disconnecting and removing copper pipe in an old building.


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