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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bluto, parts 3540 - 3543

 3540. Needless to say, we persecuted Simon, and so did our teachers, and especially our gym coach, Mr. Roach of the black Buick convertible. On the very day after Bluto’s lecture about the Italians, I witnessed a typical persecution of Simon by Mrs. Hagner.

 3541. We were given a spelling test. When we were done we had to grade it ourselves. After we graded out test Mrs. Hagner asked each of us, one at a time, to tell her our score. My score was 70, so when my turn came I said 70. The boy in front of me said 90, and the one after him had scored a 95. When Simon’s turn came he said, “Zero.”

 3542. Then, suddenly realizing his mistake he blurted out “Zero wrong, no mistakes, my score is 100.” Then Mrs. Hagner said, “You said zero and I’m giving you a zero, I am marking it down in the book. Now, in the future pay attention to what you say.”

3543. Looked at through the lens of Bluto’s explanations I finally understood our teacher’s hatred of Simon, even though he was the best student in our class.

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