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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bluto, parts 3528 - 3531

 3528. The next day in school I couldn’t help but look at my classmates and the actions of my teacher in a different light. Bluto’s explanations had the effect of a new pair of eyeglasses that suddenly show you things you never even knew existed. Just from the point of view of clothing, it was obvious that all the good and very obedient children had a peculiar way of dressing, very different from myself.

 3529. When I say there were good and obedient children different from myself I do not mean to imply that I was not a good student, but there were subtle shades of good behavior, and those subtleties were hard to describe. One description, however, will have to suffice.

 3530. When our class work was finished and all the room put in order for the close of the day we were expected to sit in our seats with our hands folded on our desks. When the final bell rang for dismissal we were not allowed to just get up and leave, but we waited patently for our teacher to dismiss us with her imperial gracious nod of her head.

3531. This sort of training looks exactly like, and indeed is no different from the training of a dog that is not allowed to eat some morsel of food on his nose, though he be starving, until the master gives the nod.

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