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Friday, August 22, 2014

Bluto, parts 3536 - 3539

 3536. Perhaps you might find three boys and one rebellious tomboy of a girl sitting as I have described, but all the rest of the class would not have their elbows on the table, only their hands.

 3537. Yes, the entire class would be sitting with their arms rigid and forming a straight line from their shoulders down to their palms. It was even more extreme than that, some of the more hysterically obedient children would actually be quivering and vibrating in their desire to be as rigid and as immobile as humanly possible.

 3538. If you consider the above as an act of rebellion, then I admit that I was a troublemaker in my 7th grade class. But what of Simon, the smartest child in our class, was he also a troublemaker? On all the tests we were given Simon always scored between 90 and 100. He was the sort of boy who studied all through study hall, never looking up from his book. Never in his life had he ever passed a note to anyone.

3539. Simon had the expensive gold-plated Paper Mate pen. Unlike the other obedient students, however, Simon put his elbows on his desk at the end of the day. Either in his heart he was rebellious, or he was somehow oblivious to the symbolic significance of the act.

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