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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bluto, parts 3532 - 3535

 3532. The very slightness of the nod of the master, hardly the slightest raising of an eyebrow is sufficient to release the dog from his agony, and you can be sure the slightness of the command is a thing of great satisfaction to the master.

 3533. The slightness of the command is of satisfaction to the master because it signified that the dog’s attention, indeed his entire being is focused and concentrated on the eyebrow or the master’s little finger. 

 3534. A very few of the children we unwilling to afford our teacher this gratification, and we found little ways to assert our independence. Our methods were very limited but basically consisted of sitting at our desks with our hands folded and our elbows also on the desk. To be specific, our forearms from the elbow to the clasped palms were in contact with the surface of the desk, as we waited to be dismissed.

3535. “What possible sign of rebellion could this way of sitting at one’s desk possible signify,” you ask. If you were able to see a film clip of our classroom and all the little children waiting at their desks for dismissal you would understand out rebellion in an instant.

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