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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bluto, parts 3516 - 3519

 3516. “She is an old witch, just like the ones I had for teachers when I was going to the Bleeker Street School, they are all the same. If you flunk seventh grade, do you think it is your fault? What is her job Albert, what is she paid to do?”

 3517. She is supposed to teach you math and science, and if you don’t learn those things then she is to blame for it. If you flunk it is because Mrs. Hagner is the opposite of a teacher.

 3518. But there is a reason that she hates you, and singles you out for special punishments and abuse, and I can bet you have no idea what the reason is. She hates you because you are Italian, that is the reason.

3519. “But I’m not Italian,” I said.  

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