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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bluto, parts 3520 - 3523

 3520. Apparently Bluto, Mrs. Hagner, and everybody else assumed that I was Italian, or to be more specific, that I was a wop, to use the slang that was popular at the time. They thought this because I had a name that ended in a vowel. 

 3521. Bluto explained it all to me right there while I was half in and half out of the truck. 

3522. According to Bluto, everything in the world was owned by a people whom he called the “Anglo-Saxons.” These Saxons were originally from England, were Protestant, and had blond hair and blue eyes.


 3523. All the other people in the world were classified by the Saxons as a form of cheap labor, except for the Jews and the Italians, which for some reason unknown to the Saxons, seemed to find ways to avoid being exploited. That’s what Bluto said. It sounded like one more of his hair-brained explanations, but for me there was a certain sense to it.

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