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Friday, August 1, 2014

Bluto, parts 3452 - 3455

 3452. But the immediate problem was how to replace the mirror of Mrs. Hagner’s antique car. The company that had manufactured it didn’t even exist anymore. What was I to do? One solution suggested itself to me, and that was to simply purchase some cheap replacement mirror and hope she didn’t notice the difference.

 3453. On Friday morning I went to the most unlikely place to purchase a mirror for a car, I went to the Dawes Drug Store next to the Grand Union Supermarket, which was on my way to school. I hardly thought a Drug Store would have a car mirror, but I thought I would just ask anyway.

   3454. Unfortunately that morning Jason was with me, as he wanted to help me find the mirror. He didn’t care about it one way or another but he had his own reason for coming along and I knew what it was. He was there simply to steal candy bars while I was distracting the sales help.

 3455. I was very amazed to discover that the drug store sold a replacement rear view mirror, and it was on a shelf in the house wares department. I presumed it would not match but it turned out to be exactly the same as the broken one I had from her car. Just my luck, the mirror on her car was a replacement to begin with.

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