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Monday, August 4, 2014

Bluto, parts 3464 - 3467

 3464. Even if Bluto’s ideas about the government, politics and the crimes of the soda companies were just a lot of silly bluster, on the other hand Bluto knew a great deal about the procedure of disconnecting and removing copper pipe in an old building.

 3465. He had to find the main water pipe and shut it off, and then he had to turn off the various valves that led to different parts of the system. That, however was not enough because water seeped through the various valves and there was enough water in the line so that his torch would not get the pipes hot enough.

 3466. Then he had to unscrew certain openings on the valves themselves to drain out the excess water. After that he would have me hold on to the pipes with pliers while he heated the pipe with a torch and when the solder turned from gray to silver I would give it a twist.

3467. All this complicated and difficult work was done by him with great accuracy and concentration, and little by little he improved on my part of the task with little suggestions that would never have occurred to me. I asked him how he knew how to do all these things and if he was a plumber and this is what he said.

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