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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4183 - 4186

4183. Otis and the Rooster has played so many games already that they were quite aware of the games limitations.  

4184. They knew that whomever began could always win by using the “pair of pants” strategy, but they perceived that the birds were new to the game and had not yet worked out its subtleties. 

4185. The ignorance of the birds about the game gave the two of them the inspiration to begin acting, as if their lives depended on making the best moves. They dragged out their games using all 60 seconds for every move.

4186. The Rooster had to play the game with the X’s, and the crows had wanted to be for Otis, but when they found they had to cheer for the X, they soon found themselves becoming excited when the Rooster made what they imagined was a good move.

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