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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4195 - 4198

 4195. Can you imagine the profound almost hypnotic effect this endless training has on the formative mind? It is the obvious reason why, even years later, a person will start a letter with Dear Sir, in the L.H. corner, rather that with the signature down at the B.R. 

 4196. And so, throughout one’s life, papers are begun in the U.L.H.C., and it has become an ingrained habit almost impossible to overcome. The Rooster was no exception because bird homework is entirely Western in its format.

 4197. I will admit that the preceding observations overlook the fact that Otis and the Rooster had decided in advance to throw the game to the Rooster, and so all the moves had been decided, it least in outline form, from the very beginning.

4198. I only point this out to explain why it is that so many activities commenced on a piece of paper, begin in such a predictable way, even when, as is so often the case, a more holistic approach would be preferable.

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