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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4247 - 4250

 4247. Was the Rooster being deliberately obtuse, or did he simply not understand what Otis had said. I have to admit that I think the Rooster did not comprehend the idea the wolf was trying to express, and the reason is because birds apparently do not understand metaphors.

 4248. A bird can understand a metaphor when expressed in visual terms, as in a painting or a dramatic performance, but they draw a blank when the same kinds of ideas are expressed in words. I have heard it said that their natural language does not include the word, “like.”

 4249. Birds will often deny that their language lacks the word “like,” but in the same breath they will often go on to condemn the use of that word by saying such things as: nothing is ever like something else, everything is unique in its own right.

 4250. Bread is only like bread, and rain is only like rain, and to say that the rain is like bread is to abuse a person’s thought process under the guise or the excuse of poor poetry.

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