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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4239 - 4242

 4239. He wanted to run away, but he had no idea how it might be carried out. The world seemed too big, and the imaginary door he wanted to pass through into it was too small. His desire filled him with dread.

 4240. He did not fear he would be harmed, what he feared most was being brought back home by his mistress’ servants in ridiculous disgrace. He would never have been punished for running away, on the contrary. 

 4241. There was no one who could have guessed that Remo had any intention of running away, nobody that is except the Rooster who perceived in the tone of Remo’s voice, his desires and so made him a proposal without bothering to consulting Otis about it.

4242. “Run away with us,” the Rooster suddenly proposed to Remo, to the shocked astonishment of Otis. The wolf said nothing at first because he expected that Remo would refuse, but the little dog did not refuse but stood wondering and tilting his head from side to side which dogs always do when they pondering.


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