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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4263 - 4266

 4263. The Rooster’s looks seemed to say, “Well, obviously we have to take the little guy along with us.”  But Otis’ reaction implied that although Remo was indeed talented, there could be no place for such an animal out on the road.

 4264. One thing they noticed about Remo’s act was that the audience did not understand any part of it. The little greyhound went through all the motions of a butler serving a drink to someone sitting in a chair, but the intent went unnoticed.

 4265. It was just the same as the act that had preceded it. The previous dog had seemed to hesitate before leaving the stage, and to the audience Remo did the same thing; his actions were perceived as random and meaningless, spastic and pointless.

 4266. If anything, the act he performed detracted from Remo’s score. The people in the stands and the judges themselves were incapable of even imagining that a dog could act a part in a play, much less a pantomime. 

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