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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4255 - 4258

 4255. Like watching a seal playing music by beeping horns, one felt that the dogs had no notion of what it was they were really doing, and did not care a whit about if they won or lost.

 4256. The only interesting performance was delivered by a poodle that walked across the stage on his hind legs, but seemed to be unable to bring himself to go behind the right curtain to complete his act. 

 4257. He would approach the screen, pull back, and then approach it again timidly. He seemed to be frightened by something the audience could not see, and his inability to overcome his fear lent a touch of humor to his routine.

4258. Then it was Remo’s turn who entered the stage last of all when the audience was already fatigued with the repetition of predictable dog tricks. His appearance took everyone by surprise and earned him immediate attention.


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