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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4267 - 4270

 4267. Since they could not imagine it happening in actuality, they could not see it when it actually happened.

 4268. Remo did not know it but his small act in the dog pageant tipped the balance in the mind of Otis and he had to submit to the judgment of the Rooster and accept the Italian Greyhound into their troupe.

 4269. Their troupe now had three members and could hardly be considered a troupe in the true sense of the word. The word troupe implies a larger number of members, but for the present we will stick with the word.

4270. They did not set off at once, but waited until just after dinner when the dog pageant had ended. Remo was always allowed out before it got dark and was always trusted to return promptly. It was already dark when his absence was noticed.

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