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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4275 - 4278

 4275. He said, “Look at that apple tree, it is just so …” here he was unable to find the right word. Then he said, “That lake in the distance, you can see that it…” here he was unable to express himself, and simply sighed.

 4276. He went on this way all day long, never able to explain his thoughts and feelings with words, but never giving up trying, until Otis was forced in desperation to shout out, “Shut up Remo!”

 4277. Instantly the little Greyhound fell silent, and the great import of what he had done to his life fell on him like a stone and he began to feel gloomy. The sun was going down. 

4278. That night it was rather cool. Otis and the Rooster, who were used to living their lives in the outdoors, did not notice it, but Remo began to shiver off and on, and appeared to be depressed.

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