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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4219 - 4222

 4219. I have heard it said; “To a sparrow an X and an 0 are essentially the same thing and are both classed in their brains simply as “Odd looking shapes that signify nothing of any consequence.”  There is said to be a bird textbook with a chapter titled “The Alphabet, Shapes of no use to Anybird.” 

 4220. I know for a fact that the book in question does not exist, but I will not venture to prove it because it would take too long, and Otis and the Rooster are preparing to depart from the riverbank, and we do not want to lose track of them.

4221. The Rooster rode on Otis’ back when they traveled. The bird could not have kept up with the wolf even when the wolf went at a leisurely pace. They had no destination except Rome, and since neither of them knew where Rome was they decided on directions by using games they invented on the spot.

 4222. Arriving at the crossing of two roads they had to decide which way to go. They had four choices, straight ahead, left, right, and back they way they came. Sometimes a roll of some dice gave them a direction, but at other times they decided by following the movement of clouds or birds.  Every decision was accidental.

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