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Monday, February 9, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4215 - 4218

 4215.  “If crows can’t anticipate the result of a simple board game, how on earth could they be expected to predict the outcome of a clash of armies?” This is what people are wondering, and it is a question I will have to try to answer, someday.

 4216. The inability of a crow to see an implied line (an implied line is a line suggested by a series of points) seems to prove conclusively that they can’t predict the future, and therefore, when they do, they must be acting by divine inspiration, rather that with any conscious comprehension.

 4217. This is the conclusion we are forced to accept, and yet I will not accept it. Why do I not accept it? Because I myself am a bird, and so I know from personal experience that it is all just some strange misunderstanding, that will have to be explained eventually.

4218. I do however draw the line with those individuals who make so bold as to claim that birds can’t perceive the difference between an X and an O.

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