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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4271 - 4274

 4271. His owner spent a restless and anxious night, was hysterical in the morning, and had to be taken to the hospital by lunchtime. It looked, at first, like the poor dog’s owner was not going to survive the separation. 

 4272. Meanwhile, Remo was happy and excited to find himself experiencing his first moments of true freedom in his entire life. Often in the past he had tried to imagine what dog freedom would be like, how it would look and feel, but his imagination, with nothing to go on, had not been unable to come up with anything substantial.

 4273. At first he was able to keep up with Otis and the Rooster, but he was so overwhelmed with his new experiences that he kept a running monologue with himself about all the strange sights he was seeing. 

 4274. He did not mean for Otis and the Rooster to be the recipients of his observations, but in such situations it happens quite by accident, and can’t be avoided.

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