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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4211 - 4214

 4211. Just from the arrangement of the board we know that the game is over in one move, and now the important question must be asked, the answer of which undermines the entire thesis of this document it has taken me three years to create. 

 4212. Why didn’t the birds see it coming? How do we know that the birds did not see it coming? Because the crows did not cheer and flutter about in joy until the Rooster had actually scratched the winning X in the sand of the riverbank with his beak.   

 4213. The birds had to see the pattern completed before they perceived that it was a line of three Xs. Apparently birds are cognitively unable to connect the dots in advance, as it were. 

4214. In my mind I hear my critics taunting me with this question. “If birds can’t see that the Rooster would win the game with his X in the center of the top row, isn’t it preposterious for you to claim all along that birds can understand and predict the future?” 

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