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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4279 - 4282

  4279. Otis felt guilty for reprimanding him so sharply on the road, and tried to reassure him by starting up a casual conversation. He said, “As a rule we don’t talk a lot when we are traveling because the talking uses up our breath and we can not get as far in a day.”

 4280. The idea of not talking on the road was made up on the spot by Otis, and was not true, but Otis said it just to reassure the greyhound. It had the opposite effect however, causing Remo to think that Otis was still thinking of him in a critical way.

 4281. Remo made no reply, but was seen to violently shiver all over with the cold. He looked up at Otis for a second, then over at the Rooster for a moment, and then settled his head on his paws and half closed his eyes. 

 4282. If he had closed his eyes completely it would have been much better, but there is no better way to tell when a dog is suffering from depression, than when they lay down to rest and keep their eyes half open.

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