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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4227 - 4230

 4227. The competitions were well along and many of the runner-up show dogs had been chosen. Otis and the Rooster entered the grounds at a time between competitions during which many of the competitors were allowed to run free and fraternize with their peers. 

 4228. Needless to say Otis went unnoticed in the throng, and as for the Rooster, his perch on Otis’ back was perceived by anyone who might have noticed them as part of some trick Otis had been trained by his masters to perform.

 4229. So it happened that, on a festive Saturday afternoon in the midst of a confused large crowd of men, women, and dogs, Otis and the Rooster came across an acquaintance, the dog Remo.

4230. Do you remember Remo? He had been pitted against Otis in one of the dog fighting matches, and had almost died of fright. The fight had been theatrical, and no harm had come to the dainty Italian Greyhound, but it had changed his character in ways imperceptible to his owner. 

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