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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4283 - 4286

 4283. It is even worse when a dog keeps his eyes half open for a long time, and continually opens one of them wider for a moment, looks up and then to the side.

 4284. Remo did all these things for a while, and so both Otis and the Rooster began to worry that taking the little guy along on their journey was going to prove to be a difficulty in the end.

 4285. In the morning things were no better but they had to travel on and kept at a steady pace all day. They came to several intersections in the road, and as they had done in the past they set themselves riddles, flipped coins, or played hopscotch to decide what direction to go in. 

4286. On two occasions they turned around and headed back the way they had come, basing their decision on a roll of the dice. Remo found this very strange and confusing but made no comment. He was absorbed in his own thoughts, and had begun to feel homesick, but kept it to himself.

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