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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4251 - 4254

 4251. The discussion of whether Remo wanted to run off with Otis and the Rooster was interrupted by a trumpet call from the arena where a competition was beginning. Remo was a contestant in the event, and so ran off to join the other contestants.

 4252. Otis and the Rooster joined the audience in the stands. What they saw was a small stage blocked by a curtain at each end. A dog would enter the screened area at the left, enter the stage and perform a trick, and then exit on the right.

 4253. Some of the dogs wore costumes, and others were in their natural state. The tricks were of a conventional nature and involved rolling over and playing dead, or balancing food on the nose and walking on the hind legs.

 4254. Each trick was greeted with polite applause, especially by the owners of the dogs in question and their immediate friends. But the performances were so ordinary that they did not arouse much enthusiasm.

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