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Friday, February 13, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4231 - 4234

 4231. The three of them sat down in the grass and had a long chat. The Rooster related how he was almost made into dinner by the Fowler, and how for a moment he thought he was dead and ran around with his head not chopped off.

 4232. Otis related how he had attacked the Fowler at the last minute and set free the Rooster, and how they fled into the woods. There was an explanation of the games played to entertain the crows and the pigeons and then it was time for Remo to explain what he had been doing since the dog fights. 

 4233. Remo said, “Since I saw you last my fur has been shampooed fourteen times, I have been taken five times to the vet to cure a small rash on my hind leg. I had my portrait painted, for which I had to attempt to sit still for hours, and my claws have been trimmed and filed several times.”

 4234. Remo could have gone on with a list of the pampering attentions his owner had subjected him to, and the list would have taken as long as the entire time since the three of them had seen each other.

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