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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Prodigal Dog, parts 4235 - 4238

 4235. Remo’s life consisted of being looked after and coddled from morning until night, and he had never experienced any other form of existence. For three years he had never given it a thought. Remo was three years old by the way.

 4236. Over the past month, following the terrifying moment when he had been dropped into the dog fighting ring, he began to be perturbed by inexplicable feelings of longing mixed with anxiety.

 4237. Some door had been momentarily opened in his mind and then shut again, and he remained standing outside the door wondering. In short, Remo wanted to run away from home.

4238. Exactly why he wanted to run away he could not have said, but Otis and the Rooster noticed his embittered frustration in his description of his luxurious, opulent life.

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