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Friday, May 1, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4540 - 4543

 4540. I can't help but sympathize with Coromo in his plight. I do not want to begin talking about by trials, failures, and miserable experiences in any attempt to commiserate with what he was going through. I just want to say that…

 4541. I just want to say that, I to have found myself in a place where my dreams and desires looked to have no possibility of fulfillment. Sometimes those desires consisted of no more that a wish to stand in a certain place, and look at a certain thing. But to stand in that place and look at that thing had become impossible.

 4542. I know you are thinking it was not a thing I wanted to look at, but a face, a certain face, but you would be wrong, as I have insisted so many times before. No, the place I wanted to stand in, and the thing I wanted to see, but could never see again, was the corner of Clinton, and Willoughby Avenue. But it was impossible for me to accomplish that, even though it was something other people did with ease every day. 

 4543. It is possible to love a place with the same intensity that one loves a person, and with the same disastrous consequences. This I know, and it is why I sympathized with Coromo, because I could see that he was just about to find this out.

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