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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4628 - 4631

 4628. Perhaps the woman Coromo was in love with was already married and happy raising children, probably he would never even see her again. Even if he did see her again she would just be some married woman he knew some time ago, whom he had no right to have an interest in.

 4629. And yet, for all that, what Coromo felt as he looked at the sleeping stewardess was guilt, pure and simple. This was one of those situations where you and I, his friends,would have wanted to sit him down at the dining room table and give him a stern talking to.

 4630. We would say to him, "Listen here Crow, stop wasting your life mooning over a woman who probably never even loved you and was just using you all along." I have neglected to mention that his few friends called him Crow; he did not especially like the name, but he never objected.

4631. If you are intending to give him that advice, you might not even bother. If he had been thirty or forty years old he might have listened, but he was just a little over twenty, it was his first love so it was likely to last twenty years.  

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