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Friday, May 8, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4568 - 4571

 4568. It was an Italian plane Coromo flew to New York on, but don't think for one minute that I am going to say that he got on at such and such a time, and got off twelve hours later. What kind of a storyteller would I be if I did not tell you about the flight itself, the pilot, a certain stewardess, and a child of four who sat across from him?

  4569. All of this is important. In many ways the flight itself was more important for Coromo's life that even his time spent in New York, but we will get to that later when the time comes.

 4570. We resume our story finding Coromo sitting in the waiting area of the Alitalia airline. He is so nervous and terrified that outwardly he looked completely calm. Every fifteen seconds he looks up at the log board and reviews the flights coming and going. 

 4571. He has become deeply concerned about one flight that is listed as fifteen minutes late. It is not a flight even remotely connected to him, but the lateness of the craft is making him imagine that it must already be at the bottom of the sea.

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