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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4616 - 4619

4616. I suppose you are thinking that finally we are going to find out about the black spot on the wing of the plane, but what kind of a writer would I be, if I didn't put that situation off as long as possible. Besides, you know Coromo is going to get to New York, so it can't be anything serious.

4617. The stewardess, asleep on the milk crates is more important than the wing of the plane, so we will have to say a few things about her. The most important thing about her was that she had been asleep, and Coromo woke her up. 

4618. She had been sound asleep for two hours. She was a typical crew person, professionally beautiful and slender, with perfect hair cut with bangs, in a style I believe is called a "pageboy," but I am not sure.

 4619. This cut of her hair was out of fashion, but she chose it for a self-conscious reason, her forehead was full of blemishes, and the bangs covered her imagined faults. She had been lying on her side with her head on one of those small pillows when Coromo gently touched her on the shoulder.

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