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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4588 - 4591

 4588. The cloth of the seats had the smell you always find in new cars. The upholstery was a thick plush nap wonderful to the touch. Outside it was a warm September day, with occasional clouds.

 4589. Everything seemed to be conspiring to make Coromo's first journey a perfect experience, full of perfect moments. The beauty of the plane, and the perfection of the view out of his window did a great deal to calm Coromo's anxiety.

 4590. The craft taxied out to it takeoff position on the runway, and the engines began to roar. Very slightly the thing began to move, and a few seconds later Coromo felt that sensation that you yourself have felt, he felt the back of his seat begin to press against his back.

 4591. He thought those thoughts you also have thought, "this huge thing, as big as a building, weighing so many tons, is going to go up into the sky." The hair on the back of Coromo's neck stood up, and he felt that rush of life there are no words able to express.

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