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Friday, May 29, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4652 - 4655

 4652. Coromo had no reaction at first to this little lecture about the moonlight and the plane. You will realize that what Donna described was really just a sundial, or a moon dial if you prefer, with the tail of the plane acting as the pointer. 

 4653. There is absolutely nothing of any significance to there being an eclipse that night, any more than that one day in the calendar might have a different number than another. A leap year has one extra day, but there can never be anything at all that makes that leap year day different from any other day.

 4354. A day when there is an eclipse is the same as any other, unless of course, you bring your imagination and your superstitious nature to bear on the situation, which is exactly what Coromo did. 

 4355. For our artist friend, on his first trip out of his native village, and his first time in a jet plane, the total eclipse of the moon was a sign that now indeed everything about his life was about to change, and this was very nearly the truth.

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