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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4640 - 4643

 4640. The hostess went directly to Coromo's window over the wing. She bent over and put her hand on the thick edge of the window and looked out into the blackness of the night. Down below she observed the wing. The wing of a jet at night, high above the ocean is a terribly serious object. 

 4641. The serious object in question did indeed have a big black area above the engine that could have no possible explanation. The wing of a jet, however, is such an austere object, on which so much depends, that it is almost impossible to doubt its integrity. 

 4642. A wing would almost have to break off of a plane for any ordinary person to lose their faith in it. But the hostess lost her faith, and her heart began throb, and she doubted the integrity of the wing, and the certainty of her own life.

4643. But Donna, her name was Donna, we know this from her name tag, had been flying for two years, and her training, including the directive to never show fear under any circumstances, controlled her reactions.

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