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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4548 - 4551

 4548. Having returned home from his failed trip to purchase his airline tickets, Coromo continued with his established routine. Since it was Saturday in the late afternoon, he got out his paints and began to work on a new painting. He did not expect it to be one of his best.

 4549. The painting he did looked the same as all his other paintings, and he suddenly lumped them all together in his mind and found them to be lacking.  He looked at his table and chair and found them to be lacking also.

 4550. You might think that he was beginning to be resentful of the prospect of never leaving his village and going out into the wide world, and about that you would be correct.  Such a prospect is just fine for some seventy-year-old man worrying about his health, but for a young man of twenty-three, handsome and personable, it was an intolerable prospect.

 4551. Especially when you consider that it was going to be a self-inflicted exile brought upon himself for a reason he was ashamed to admit. I imagine that Coromo's feelings were much like Napoleon's must have been, after he had settled in on the Isle of Elba.

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