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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4572 - 4575

  4572. Over and over again he looks up at the board and if any number changes while he is not looking, he notices it, and his eyes flash up to see what the changed time refers to. Then there is an announcement, his flight, number 6676 begins boarding. 

  4573. About a hundred people stand up with their children. They all begin walking slowly towards a big plastic mouth like structure which begins to suck them all in.

  4574. Coromo was going down that tunnel and into the plane, but as he walked he was convinced that all the people both in front of him, and behind him were soon going to die.

  4575. He was thinking, isn't it strange that this old grandmother with the blue hat with the flowers on it is going to die so soon? Why this particular woman, and not someone else?

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