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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4584 - 4587

 4584. Up until the door is closed you feel that you can somehow make a bolt for it and run back down the gangway, but once they close and lock the door your fate has become sealed. Now there is no escape. The future is planned out all in advance and ready to unfold exactly as in a bad movie. 

 4585. Coromo took his seat, and he held the image of the confident pilot in his mind.  It gave him the courage to manage the full-blown panic that was gripping him. He had a seat by the window. The plane was half empty, so he had the seat all to himself.

 4586. Now we must say something about the plane. The plane had only been in the air once before, it was a brand new craft, just put into service. Ifs first voyage was out from Rome, and now it was to fly to New York, and then back to Milan.

4587. From Milan it would travel back to Rome again. Since it was a new plane, everything was especially clean and perfect looking. There was not a single speck of dirt, or any blemish to the fabric anywhere.

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