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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4656 - 4659

 4656. The ancients had no doubts about an eclipse. Perhaps they might have been confused by someone saying that a goat's entrails predicted the future, but how could they doubt the significance of the darkening of the sun.

 4657. Predictions and prognostications of the future may come and go, but thunder and lightning, earthquakes, and eclipses are bedrock information from the gods telling men what to do. That is what the ancients believed, and I believe we are all ancients, in our own way.

 4658. We are all ancients in our own way; this might be an explanation of the title of this work, "No Cure For The Medieval Mind." Was the eclipse the night of Coromo's journey, significant in any way? I think so, even though you see me making fun of the idea at the same time.

 4659. The fact that the moon can block out the sun at a particular time, on a given day, can be predicted even centuries in advance. It is an event of absolute mathematical certainty. But Coromo's decision to board the plane that night was the result of an infinite number unpredictable and unexpected happenings.  Therefore….

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