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Friday, May 22, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4624 - 4627

  4624. Her face was like an acorn, in that it was somehow a little wide in the jaw, and the haircut provided the cap of the acorn. Her skin had the redness of deep sleep. I ask you, when is a woman most beautiful? A woman is most beautiful when they are deep asleep, or when they are in a towering and justified rage.

 4625. Poor Coromo, as he knelt there in the dark was dealt a terrible blow by his strange fate. He was overcome by an infinite tenderness for the sleeping stewardess. It was not like physical attraction exactly. The best I can do to describe his feeling is to compare it to the feelings of a father, who tucks in his sleeping daughter.

 4626. You may think that that is all well and good, and that for Coromo to be attracted to the sleeping stewardess was just in the natural order of things but that shows how little you understand our hero. I remind you that two years ago he fell in love with the woman we always called the third sister, the one he went horseback riding with.

 4627. Perhaps you remember his affair with her, and how they corresponded by e-mail for a year. Then the received a note saying she was engaged to a lawyer, and asking him not to write anymore. He did as he was told, and he never wrote to her again, but that woman had been in his mind ever since, and he was faithful his idea of her, and in all this time had never so much as noticed any other woman.

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