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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4576 - 4579

 4576.  Her husband joined the old woman, and Coromo could not generate any sympathy for them at all. They were old so what did they matter. There were some children, a few were being restive, but one child was solemn and thoughtful. The idea that, just because he, Coromo, had decided to go to New York, she was going to die filled him with shame. 

 4577. But you know very well that Coromo is not going to die, and neither is the pensive child, and I am just telling you the things Coromo was thinking as he walked down the carpet and through the most frightening door he had ever seen, like the door on a million pound refrigerator.

 4578. The pilot also entered the airplane with the passengers. Often as not the pilot and the co-pilot are already in the cockpit, but on this flight they had gone out to get coffee or something and were just returning. 

 4579. The pilot was a short stocky man of about fifty with graying hair. Coromo found himself just behind him in the line. As the Captain entered he turned and said something to the hostess waiting at the door. What he said was in Italian so Coromo did not understand a word.

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