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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lost in New York, parts 4580 - 4583

 4580. He said something abrupt and critical, and just a second later he said something else in a softer tone. Coromo's heart was suddenly flooded with admiration for the Italian pilot. 

 4581. Everything about the man inspired his confidence. His height, his bearing, the cut of his hair, and even the modest decorations on his hat and his uniform gave Coromo a surge of confidence.

 4582. If the plane was going to ever reach New York or crash into the ocean the Captain certainly had little to do with it, but it was a lucky moment in Coromo's life. He had reached the greatest apex of his fear.

 4583. If you are terrified of flying then you know very well that the moment when the hostess swings the refrigerator door shut and pulls the lever over is the most difficult of the difficult moments you must endure. 

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