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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4560 - 4563

 4560. But Coromo was no Wolfli, although they might have had some things in common. Coromo must travel to New York, and I will tell you how he overcame his fear. It was the same solution anyone in his position discovers, he threatened himself with death. 

 4561. It was August. He did not solve his problem until about the middle of September. All of the time that had passed since his failure to buy his ticket one would have to describe as a state of depression, if he had been feeling anything at all.

 4562. He went about his work like an automaton, and his friends and fellow workers gave up enquiring of him what might be wrong. He always said, "Nothing," it a way that indicated that it could not be so.

 4563. Everyday he thought about how it would be possible to fill the void he was feeling with some new thing to replace the idea he had lost, but as he searched his mind for some clue, all the while he knew there was no point to it.

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