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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4564 - 4567

 4564. A man can love a woman, for example, and perhaps they are separated for some reason and there is no possibility of a reunion. The fact that are millions of other women in the world can never be a consolation, on the contrary, it just adds to the sufferer's suffering.

 4565. Finally Coromo asked himself this fatal question. Which would you prefer, he said to himself, to spend the rest of your days doing exactly what you have been doing for the past many years, or would you rather be dead? He thought for a while, and then chose death. 

 4566. But Coromo was the opposite of the sort of a man than one who would in frustration ever harm himself. Death for Coromo meant getting onto an airplane. And that is what he finally forced himself to do.

4567. It took Coromo from the middle of August, until September fifteenth to force himself into this decision, but once he made his mind up he acted upon it at once by making the necessary arrangements, and purchasing his tickets. He still had to make the short flight in the little plane, but he did not mind, since he was going to die anyway.

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