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Monday, May 25, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4636 - 4639

 4636. The hostess opened her eyes to find Coromo looking at her intently and one second went by.  It is not my job to describe that second, you are going to have to do that for yourself.

 4537. After that never to be forgotten second, she came to her senses, and remembering her occupation, said "What is it Sir, how can I help you." 

 4638. Coromo replied, "I am so sorry to disturb you but, on the wing, outside of my window, over the engine, there is some kind of dark spot, like a burn mark, and it has been getting bigger and bigger and, and…"

 4639. What Coromo expected was that the woman would instantly dismiss his fears and tell him to go back to sleep and not be worrying about things, but just the opposite happened. Her face clouded over, she got up in a hurry, and in too much of a business like manor for Coromo's liking, said, "Show me."

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