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Monday, May 18, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4608 - 4611

 4608. Puzzling over meaningless questions, Coromo passed the time waiting for his life to come to an end. In the plane everyone was asleep in odd positions. He looked again at the black mark on the wing and then continued to wonder about astronomy. 

 4609. He saw in his mind a picture of the earth turning on its axis, and then he imagined an earth like a blue and green ping pong ball, moving around a sun that, in his mind, looked like an orange basketball. 

 4610. With the image of the ping-pong ball and the basketball in his mind he posed to himself this question. "If the earth spins around as it moves around the sun, then isn't it, half the time, moving in the opposite direction from which it is actually going."

4611. Since there were no answers to these stupid questions, and he didn't even know how to ask them, he turned again to looking at the burn mark on the wing. The burn mark was now a distinct triangular shape, it was a triangle whose base ran along the rear edge of the wing, and whose apex almost pointed to a rivet on the flap of the wing.

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