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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4592 - 4595

4592. Coromo looked at his wristwatch. It was 6:15 pm. A little later he looked at his watch again and it was still 6:15. Between 6:15 and 6:16, he looked at his watch ten times.  Later he took a break from looking at his watch and began to look out the window.

4593. His seat was directly over the wing and he could see the shape of the two engines. He looked intently at the flaps. The flaps moved a little every once in a while. He was surprised to see that the wing was bolted together with rivets. 

 4594. There were a great many rivets every little distance and he started to count them but lost track and returned to looking at his wristwatch again every few seconds.

 4595. The sun went down and the sky became midnight blue. After a while the sky became jet-black. He continued to count the rivets, and look at his watch, and in that way several hours went by. Everybody fell asleep. Only Coromo was awake.

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