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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4632 - 4635

 4632. Besides, as soon as someone told him the third sister had been using him, and did not really love him, he would have not replied, but he would have known for certain that it was not true. He had a memory, he knew what had happened, and he understood how she felt.

 4633. His remembrance of their short affair told him that she loved him truly, and would always love him, so the problem was that she was a coward, unable to face the impossible challenge such a relationship would involve. 

 4634. Still, until the day he flew to New York, he had been unable so shake the conviction that she was destined to share his life. Let's be honest here, Coromo told himself he was on his way to New York to find his paintings, and to advance his career, but he knew he was telling himself a lie.

4644. He believed that by the inevitable machinations of fate, with a little Divine intervention thrown in for good measure, he would somehow manage to reconnect with his lost love. Never mind that he was going to New York, and she lived somewhere in Minnesota, and he did not know even what her last name had been.

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