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Friday, April 3, 2015

Lost in New York, parts 4428 - 4431

 4428. During the month before Coromo intended to go to New York City he spent a lot of time trying to imagine what it would be like. In the small library in the resort there was a book about the city full of historic pictures of streets and architecture and he took the book home and studied all the pictures very carefully. 

 4429. He tried to imagine himself in the pictures and walking down the streets. The pictures were all black and white and from a different era, but the idea of being in such a strange place was so foreign to him that the anachronistic nature of his daydreaming did not dawn on him.

 4430. He pictured to himself walking past many a building that no longer existed, buying train or subway tickets in huge terminal buildings long ago torn down.

4431. He was like a person standing at the entrance of the subway with one of those old brass subway tokens as small as a dime, and wondering how to proceed.

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