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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4452 - 4455

 4452. At first Coromo could not take it all in, but as soon as he seated himself in the passenger seat of the two-seater plane he began to reason to himself in a certain way.

  4453. Perhaps you will recognize these arguments Coromo had with himself, they are universal arguments that many a person has rehearsed in their mind when climbing aboard some contraption that is going to accelerate in a moment, to over a hundred miles an hour.

 4454. He thought to himself, "This little plane has made hundreds of trips, probably thousands, and in all that time it has never crashed into the ocean, had its wheels come off, or burst into flames."

 4455. If a plane can take off and land thousands of times without any problems, what is the likelihood that today, of all days, it is going to disintegrate? Even though it looks like it will not last out the day, even here on the ground.

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