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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4480 - 4483

 4480. I can excuse myself about telling you about the pilot if you consider that I am like a doctor trying to uncover the root causes of an illness. The pilot was the beginning, and it expanded from there. 

 4481. Even though it may be irrelevant, I have more to tell you about the trip on the little plane. It was not a smooth trip; as a matter of fact it was full of difficulties. I am going to describe Coromo's experience as much as I am able. 

 4482. The strip of tarmac the plane took off from was not especially wide, and, since it was a tropical place, the strip was surrounded by dense vegetation. The vegetation was made up of an infinite jumble of huge palm fronds and giant leaves, all glossy and dark green. 

4483. What can the foliage have to do with Coromo's paranoia, you ask? It has everything to do with it, as you will shortly see. The aircraft sped up, the big glossy jungle of frond leaves began to speed by past Coromo's window at a tremendous rate. 

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